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Academic Life Coaching

Empowering overwhelmed students with purpose and direction so they feel more in control of their future.

Our Coaches

All PS4YA coaches are currently in the process of being certified with the ICF - International Coach Federation.

I started a PS4YA in February of 2012 in hopes of filling in the gaps of learning that high school students were missing as our education system seemed to be going downhill and not covering all aspects that our youth needed to be successful in life.  The system went from teaching students the value of what they were learning and how to use it in the real world to what now seems just teaching students to score high on test to ensure proper funding for their school.  We have also seen a decline in the creative classes in schooling.  Music and art classes have been cut in most schools nowadays.  If you add in the complications that social media and new technology have added to our students, you have a bunch of students that are struggling with the long term goal setting, staying focused and transitioning to higher education and the workforce.  After a few years of spinning my wheels on how PS4YA (Positive Strategies for Young America) could actually help others, I finally decided to pursue Academic Life Coaching as a way to make an impact.  The plan now is to coach as many clients and hold as many workshops as I can in the next couple of years to not only assist as many students as possible, but more importantly to raise awareness of the gaps in our educational process and to show how life coaching can fill a lot of those gaps.  This mission to bring awareness about the benefits for Academic Life Coaching to the masses could lead to actual social change.  Life coaching will become more socially accepted and if our mission is successful, it could also become part of regular curriculum in high school.  This will lead to better prepared, more self-sufficient and less stressed young adults.  And since these young adults are our future leaders, it will lead to a better future for us all.

PS4YA Youth Life coaching; Empowering the youth of today for a better tomorrow for us all.

Ps4ya Youth Life Coaching